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"Redemption" schooner barge

This is a large schooner barge we found in July of 05.  It was named after a disappointing day of trying out new numbers out in Stellwagen - this was the last effort of the day on the way back in, and turned out to be something worth diving.

This schooner barge is largely broken up, but definitely identifiable for what it was.  It's only in 120 FSW, so is good for a winter dive when the deeper wrecks are unavailable.  It's been filled in with debris to a large extent, but has 10 - 15 feet of profile in some spots.  It was probably 200 ft. in length judging by the beam.  Both ends have been broken up, but Jack noticed the pintels and gudgeons still in place on the stern and on the displaced rudder.  Some coal mixed in with the debris hints that it was probably another coal hauler, but the small volume indicates it probably wasn't loaded at the time of the sinking.

I spotted a few block and tackle remains here and there, but nothing indicating a sailing rig and very little brass as expected.  There was a LOT of life on the wreck.  Looking down through the timbers Howie and I spotted some very large cod, and at the stern a section of pipe about 18 inches in diameter was home for the largest wolffish I've ever seen. The head of this thing took up most of the inside diameter of the pipe, and appeared a beautiful light blue color in my HID light beam.  I made sure I showed the fish to Joe Augusto as well to back me up on the size and then kept my distance from the teeth. 

We'll be back to this wreck again - it's definitely worth another dive.