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Let it be known that Jack Ahern came up with the ingenious name for this one.  But it's about the only thing of any size left on the ship, so is probably appropriate.  The remains of this wreck are in about 180 FSW, and belong to a wooden ship probably on the order of 100 ft. or so in length.  A single large boiler (maybe 6 ft. in diameter) sits next to the remains of the ship, which just barely rises above the bottom (very little profile left).  There is no other iron equipment visible, so the ship was presumably sail powered. Some coal is obvious among the timbers.

I collected some brass spikes that are approximately 5-6 inches long, and Peter Piemonte came up with a Hood Dairy milk bottle dated 1944, but who knows where that came from.  I'm sure this wreck will never be positively identified based both on the condition of the wreck and it's location in the dumping grounds (too many possibilities).  Because it fades into the mud on both ends, getting even an approximate length is also impossible.

If the wreck were in shallower waters, it would definitely be worth a few dives to search for artifacts, but at 180 FSW  and with other intact wrecks available, it's currently not worth the gas.