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290 Trawler

We dove this wreck for the first time on 10/9/06 after originally marking it in the summer of 2003.  We had other wrecks to explore, and this one was deep.  After only one dive we are pretty convinced it's a large trawler.  It's definitely more than 100 ft. in length.  The basic design seems to be similar to the model shown below in which the deckhouse is mounted on the back third of the ship, with at least two levels still intact.  A large hatch immediately behind the deckhouse opens into what appears to be the engine room.  That's where the grapple landed, and while I dropped inside to hook a bag up to the grapple to get it out, I did not explore and did not actually see the engine.  It's got a very tall profile, with the top of the wheelhouse area at about 255FSW, the deck at around 270FSW and the mud at 295FSW.

It appears that it may have been scuttled based on the apparent lack of hatches and portholes, but two divers reported seeing some brass items inside so the jury is still out.  I saw several large cod swimming the wreck, one approaching 5 ft. in length.  Slav saw this one as well, so I've got a witness.  There is definitely some damage to the ship on the port side near the stern.

This wreck will warrant a few more dives to fully explore in the hopes of making a positive ID.

A second dive confirms this as a scuttled wreck.  The brass seen on the first dive were parts of insulators mounted on the top and on the back of the deckhouse.  A framework is attached to the front of the deckhouse and might have been part of a cargo boom.