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Granite Wreck

A large pile of regular and irregularly shaped granite blocks covers the apparent remains of a wooden barge.  Initial research on Dumping Ground wrecks conducted by Gary Gentile determined that the barge W. A. Marshall was lost in the general area of the granite while carrying a cargo of "jetty stone" in 1922.  The granite pile can be found at a depth of 170 FSW and is quite large - it covers an area of greater than 100 ft. in length and approximately 50 ft. wide, and is found in an open area of mud and gravel.  Large pieces of what appears to be wooden hull can be seen underneath the boulders. It did not appear that the remains visible could represent an entire wreck but it's hard to say how much may be beneath the mud.  

We dove this site in February of 2008 and the visibility was exceptional, making it a very nice dive despite the relatively uninteresting wreck remains.  Large colorful anemones were found here and there among the boulders, and small rose fish darted in and out of the large cracks.  This would likely be a good lobster hunting area during the season, and a number of ghost traps surrounded the pile.