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"False" Eagle Boat 42

This dive and resulting video convinced us that the wreck commonly referred to as the Eagle Boat 42 is in fact one of 4 similarly-configured fishing vessels sunk in the area.  Look for the steel railing and forecastle in the video that are not features common to the Eagle Boat series. 

Bone Wreck (Lt. Sam Mengel)

Video features the whale skull as well as the beautiful invertebrate life found on this wreck. The wreck sits in 180ft. off the coast of Massachusetts.

Schooner Barge

This video is approximately 15 minutes long, but gives a very nice tour of the Schooner Barge on a day with exceptional visibility.  Note the large trap on the deck in which a small seal was caught and drowned. 

Louise B. Crary

This is a very short video of the Crary.  Highlights include a look inside two of the cargo hatches at the full load of coal, and a pump on the deck with uniquely curved hand wheels.

Steamship Portland

A dive to the galley of the Portland in 460 FSW.  Note the warming tray with serving dishes and nearby the remains of the starboard paddle wheel.

Bronze Rudder Wreck

This video shows the bow section of the as yet unidentified ship located with the help of John Fish and Arnie Carr of American Underwater Search and Survey.