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Just a few pictures here and I'll rotate them on a regular basis.  Many of the faces have changed over the years, but not because we've lost any on a trip!  The summer crew is pretty hard core due to the challenging dives we've been doing recently, but it's nice to fall back on the in-shore wrecks again later in the season so we can get some of the others back on the boat.

The picture wouldn't be complete without mention of our charter boat captain, Doug Currier of the Donna III.  It's not easy dealing with the likes of us, and his experience has helped us in our search for many new wrecks we've found and documented.  And his challenges in getting us to the Palmer/Crary and Portland were certainly as significant as ours in diving them.  He's been a crucial part of designing all our deep-water safety techniques.

Yours truly getting ready to splash on the Crary

Dave Faye proves that rebreathers need gas too

Slav demonstrates his reason for a gym membership

Slav during deco on a dive to the Crary

Dave Faye and Paul Blanchette deco from a Crary dive

Slav's contribution to the "crew" roster for a Crary dive

Don & Slav get their numbers straight

A humpback whale pays us a visit on this trip

Great diving and whale watching - doesn't get any better

Paul Theriault after a dive to the YF-415

Adam and Joe Augusto see a nice target on the depth finder

The "blob" looks like a likely target for the next dive

Captain Doug Courier

Adam Mandel surfaces from the Lightship

Howie Motenko with a "phlare" pump from the Lightship

Donna Chaston gearing up

Bob Foster on the U-869

Fred Burgess looking good

Deco on the U-869

Peter Piemonte with a new toy

Jack Ahern (nice underwear)

"Did you know I have a re-breather?"

Slav back from the YF-415

Jim Cooney

Howie and Jack share a moment

Kasey with stuff from the Schooner Barge


Joe and Paul with a grapple Paul had made to "hook the blob" - it worked!


Members of the "blob" exploration team - Nelson, Howie, and Jim (Executive Director & Project Leader)